Daily Washing And Maintenance Of Jerseys

Hello to all soccer fans. Today we are going to talk about the daily cleaning and maintenance of soccer jerseys.

Hand Washing

Most fans who are new to official jerseys think that the numbers on authentic jerseys are printed very well and do not come off easily. This is not 100% true because whether the printed numbers come off or not has little to do with the quality of the jersey itself. All advertisements, names, numbers, etc. that are printed through heat transfer technology may come off, so we should try to use hand washing when washing the jerseys. When hand washing jerseys, we need to pay attention to the following points.

  • First, jerseys should not be soaked in water for too much time.
  • Secondly, when we wash the ads, numbers, player name area, just rub gently and don't use a brush.
  • Thirdly, when the cleaning is done, do not use your hands to wring the jersey to avoid damage to the printed names, numbers, sponsors, etc.
  • Fourth, turn the inside of the jersey to the outside, confirm all the printed ads, numbers are in the inside of the jersey, and then in a cool place to dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Through the operation steps of the above points, we can well cope with the problem of jersey numbers and names falling off through heat transfer printing technology, and greatly extend the service life of the printed content.

Of course, if you don't want to spend a lot of time on jersey cleaning and want your jersey numbers, advertisements and other content to be clear and beautiful for a long time, you can choose the new heat sublimation technology custom jerseys. ORKY heat sublimation custom jerseys dissolving players' numbers, names and team logos directly into the jersey fibers, making the jerseys more breathable and also ensuring that all the printed content will never fall off. and will never fade.You can throw the jersey directly into the washing machine after a soccer game or put it directly into the sunlight to dry, greatly increasing the ease of use of the jersey.

Daily Maintenance

First of all, we have to realize that no matter how high-tech the jersey is made of, it is still essentially a piece of clothing.After a period of use, the fabric fibers of the jersey will oxidize and age. The process of using heat transfer printing technology to print ads and numbers, the high temperature has a certain destructive effect on the fabric fibers too. So if we want to keep the jersey in a good character for a long time, we need to put a coat cover on the outside of the jersey and put a desiccant inside. If conditions allow, it is best to adjust the environment of the room where the jersey is placed to a dry, non-ventilated, non-stuffy state so that the jersey can be kept in perfect condition for a long time.