How Do ORKY Soccer Jerseys Fit?

Overall, soccer jerseys are a little more snug than common t-shirts, which does not mean that this jersey is on the small side. A compact jersey fit is good for enhancing an athlete's performance on the soccer field, as loose clothing hinders sharp moves and can be easily pulled by the opposing team.

When shopping for a soccer jersey, you need to be clear about where you will be wearing it. Whether it's on the soccer field or in your everyday life, ORKY can offer fit options based on your needs, namely authentic and replicas versions. The authentic version, like mentioned above, is more body-hugging to wear and is dedicated to getting you in better competitive shape. The replica version will leave a little more room for you to wear more comfortable, such as the waistline will be larger than the authentic’s. The replica version is also the default fit sold in our online store, so if you need to change it, please let us know.

If you have experience of buying jerseys from other brands, you can use them as a reference. Nike's soccer jerseys maintain a uniform size performance in different countries and regions. Adidas' soccer jerseys are more flattering and their fit is designed to be close to that of professional soccer players. ORKY offers soccer jerseys that are more like NIKE's size and slightly looser than Adidas'.

Finally there are a few tips to prevent the soccer jersey from shrinking.

  • Don't wash soccer jerseys with hot water
  • Air dry or with low heat
  • Avoid partial stress when drying