How To Customize A Soccer Uniform With Personal Name, Number And Logo?

Hello, friends!

We at ORKY specialize in producing custom soccer jerseys according to your individual needs. You can choose any one you are interested in from the list of clothes. When you enter the details page, the left side of the page shows the shirt in all directions. On the right side of the page, you will find specific description information, including the "Customize Now" button.

Click the button and then let's start to DIY a customized dress. You can edit any of the elements printed on the chest, back and shorts, including the player's name, player number, team name, sponsor, and team logo, and get an instant online preview of the customization. Just submit your artwork and we will produce your custom jersey as soon as possible.

Of course, if you want to make more changes to the base design of a particular shirt, or send a list of names and numbers for your team, please contact ORKY customer service and we'll be happy to help!